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International drone operators

Worldwide drone operator. worldwide Drone Pilot.
International Drone operator. international drone pilot.
FAA Licensed.  Transport Canada Licensed. NAA Certified.
Film & TV Drone Operators.


Soaring Cinema specializes in creative, dynamic camera movement. We pride ourselves in delivering beautiful imagery with a creative, thoughtful approach each and every time.  All of our operators are FAA-certified and we are authorized through clearances & Waivers to fly all across America.


Our drone operators are some of the best in the business!  All of our operators have hundreds to thousands of hours of experience in the industry.  We are always able to blend in well with any production and are prepared for anything.  


Our Drone Platforms include the Freefly Alta x, Freefly Alta 8, DJI Inspire 2, and multiple FPV Drones.   WE can carry the arri Alexa mini, red Komodo, BMPCC6K, and many more.  Contact us today and we can help you determine what the best drone platform is for your next production!

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