Soaring Cinema is proud to fly with the top of the line equipment from Freefly Systems.   We can fly a variety of cinema cameras, like the Alexa Mini, RED Dragon and more. The ALTA 8 is capable of top mounting the gimbal to capture stunning imagery that cannot be achieved with other drones.

The Inspire 2 is the industry standard bearer for drone camera rigs.  The Zenmuse x7 camera delivers stunning footage and utilizes the AppleProRes and CinemaDNG codecs.  With a great battery life, the Inspire 2 is a great rig for its flexibility and maneuverability.

The MOVI Pro is the industry leader for remote controlled gimbals.  We can mount the MOVI on the bottom or top of the ALTA for unparalleled views from the sky.  The MOVI can also be quickly unmounted and used for handheld coverage on the ground.  It is a very versatile and neat piece of technology!

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